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Support Services

Home Users

  • Support & Assistance (e.g. Buying the right equipment, help and advice on basic maintenance, helping to answer questions such as why isn’t my email working? etc.)
  • Basic IT Training to help keep you and your computer up-to-date
  • Virus removal
  • Hardware repair
  • Custom desktop builds
  • Warranty support (Helping to determine if your product is in warranty and going as far as speaking to the supplier to get a repair sorted)

Three tiers of a subscriber service are available for home users, living in Weston super Mare and the surrounding area, which can be paid monthly, for six months or on an annual basis; see below for further details:

Tier 1

12 hours of support in the year.

Initial health check of your computer.

A backup option to suit your needs with up to 1GB of cloud storage where applicable.

After the 12 hours support, a 10% discount on the hourly rate for any future support required.

 Yearly Price
 Six month Price
 Monthly Price

Tier 2

As Tier 1 plus the following additions:

Email/Telephone support for advice and guidance.

3GB of Cloud backup storage.

After the 12 hours support, a 15% discount on the hourly rate for any future support required.

 Yearly Price
 Six month Price
 Monthly Price

Tier 3

As Tier 2 plus the following additions:

Email/Telephone/Remote support for advice and guidance.

5GB of Cloud backup storage.

After the 12 hours support, a 20% discount on the hourly rate for any future support required.

 Yearly Price
 Six month Price
 Monthly Price

Terms and Conditions do apply to the subscription service. These include details regarding the responsibilities of both Proteus Support Ltd and the customer. These are sent to the customer via email to be digitally signed and returned.

Business Users

We can provide for big and small businesses, our size and flexibility make us best placed to support any SME need. We can also work on specific projects for larger organisations. Please contact us for individual quotes for specific projects.

Pricing options are flexible and we aim to provide a service that is specifically tailored to suit your needs, whether this is on a pay-as-you-go basis, or on a pre-paid retainer for a fixed number of support hours, or a fixed monthly payment plan.

Some of the services we can provide are listed below:

  • Full support for IT issues experienced by you or your business.
  • Complete auditing of your current IT Infrastructure and recommendations for improvements.
  • Upgrading your current IT Solutions to keep them in line with the continuing evolution of technology.
  • Assistance to transition your business to a cloud based platform such as Office365.
  • Providing solutions to protect your business in respect of Cyber Security.
  • Having a disaster recovery plan is important, it is an essential part of any business to be able to recover in the event of a disaster. We can help provide a solution whether it be cloud based or an onsite backup.

Virus Protection

  • A stable and consistent security solution to protect both home users and businesses.
  • Solutions across multiple platforms such as Servers, desktops, tablets, MAC’s, along with mobile devices running android or iOS.
  • A business based endpoint security solution which does not compromise protection for performance.
  • A solution which can be administered by business owners that have no IT background.
  • A solution that protects computers against viruses, rootkits, malware, phishing, data loss, web threats, and more.
  • Proteus Support Ltd has chosen to partner with Bitdefender based on their continual performance by independent testers.

Proteus Support Ltd works on a fixed £45 an hour which is a minimum charge for the whole hour by the hour for both home and business users for reactive support.

For proactive projects to upgrade your current IT setup; such as replacing your old outdated hardware, making the move to Windows 10, or moving to Office365, these would be quoted for at a separate one off cost. Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements further.

Any requirements to travel beyond Weston super Mare will be charged at a rate of 45p per mile.