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If you offer free Wi-Fi, make sure you can provide it

Last week we had the pleasure of helping out Roedean Guest House, one of the local B&B’s, with a problem they were experiencing regarding wireless dead spots, specifically in two rooms.

Free Wi-Fi is something people naturally expect at all B&B’s or Hotels these days, whether they are on holiday or stopping over for work. Due to this fact it is important to make sure that all rooms are able to achieve a strong wireless connection. In this instance the problem could be resolved simply by adding an additional Wi-Fi repeater in the downstairs dead spot. This resulted in the signal being boosted in the two weak spots in the rooms above it, thus meaning a strong and healthy wireless connection could be achieved.

If you’re a B&B or Hotel owner experiencing similar issues, or have stayed at a B&B or Hotel and you have found the wireless connection to be less than satisfactory then please get in touch with Proteus Support so we can assist you in boosting your wireless signal and providing a pleasant experience for your guests.

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